Sunday, 6 May 2012

Being terrorised by a 4 year old...

...and she's not even family!

She lives in a couple of houses down and I've let her come in a couple of times to play with the girls, as long as her Mummy agrees 1st but today she's being a little nightmare!

To start with I had to chase her twice when our girls were going down for their nap because every time they heard her they woke up again and then after their naps she let herself into the house whilst I was in the bath and hubbie was on the phone in the kitchen and her Mummy didn't even know where she was.

Now, since 7pm I've chased her a few times, I've shouted through the window for her to stay away from the window because I was trying to get the girls into their jammies and start their wind down but she keeps coming over regardless of what I say to her.

There's just no telling her!

Her Mummy says to just tell her to go away if she's annoying me but it's not working and I don't want to have to get any sterner with her than I already have because she's only 4 and by the looks of it she's an only child so is just wanting the company but she's starting to bug the life out of me when I'm trying to keep our girls on schedule and routine is seriously important for our twins, if we veer off course then it's a nightmare trying to get back on.

Oh what to do!!

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