Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Mummy's boobs

I was just randomly thinking back to what we were doing roughly this time last week and I started giggling.

We were at the swimming pool in the Haven Holiday Park of Craig Tara and Miss C wanted to come with me whilst I got dried and dressed so she came into the cubicle with me and I start to strip and get dried as quick as possible because hubbie and Miss A were waiting on me.

Miss C shouts as loud as she can "Mummy's boobs, look!!"

There was silence and then a smattering of giggles from across the changing room, the loudest of all coming from the cubicle right beside me that held my mother-in-law.

I wasn't embarrassed as my daughters are slightly obsessed with my chest and like to point it out as often as possible but the swimming pool has family changing rooms meaning men and women share this area and as I left the cubicle I caught the men all glancing at my boobs quite obviously, they weren't hiding what they were doing in front of my husband. Thankfully he was so busy listening to Miss C rambling on that he never noticed so I didn't have to listen to his jealousy but my goodness my daughters know how to pick their moments!

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