Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Can't figure it out...

How do you add buttons etc to your blog?

I've tried reading the blogger help stuff and I've googled it as well but I just cannot manage it!!

I've a couple of buttons I'd like to add to my blog like the one and the Britmums one but I just cannot do it at all.

Is there a dummies guide out there for a dummy right here?


  1. If you go to blog template, layout, add a gadget, select the one 'html/javascript' that allows you add a third party code to the blog.
    Cut and paste the code for the badge you want to enter (sorry I cant help on where to find those!!!!!!)

  2. Thank you for your help but it's just not working and I'm going to give up for a while trying to do this before I throw my laptop across the living room! Will try again when I'm in a calmer frame of mind.

    Again thank you for your help, it's much appreciated xXx