Sunday, 20 May 2012

Bad couple of days...

The girls and I have had a bad couple of days, some of it is definitely all of my fault and a small bit of it is theirs.

I've been sick for nearly a fortnight now, been on antibiotics since last Monday and they aren't helping much, the asthma is just messing me about and instead of my chest infection moving in the usual direction it's actually going somewhere completely different and it's thrown me for a loop.

I'm out of sorts because of that, add in a tight chest and some wheezing, plus the serious lack of sleep and even Freddie Kruger would think twice about coming near me.

Our girls have had a bit of a cold (the joy of twins, if one is sick they both get sick) and they've been pretty much house-bound and are going a little stir crazy, hubbie is also having to use my car because his failed mot and is waiting to get an auto-spark to look at his before he can get it re-tested so we couldn't have gotten anywhere anyway.

The past couple of days has more or less just been constant screaming from either one or the other and at really bad times from both at the same time and I'm at the end of my tether.

Nothing is working to distract them, I can't get anything right and they're refusing to help in anyway. Even something as simple as having a drink has turned into a major tragedy and ends up being poured over the place because they want something other than what they're allowed (though they won't tell me what it is they want and they're usually brilliant at letting me know these things).

I'm at the bawling my eyes out stage and despite hubbie saying I need to talk to him more about how I'm feeling I can't, his answer is always to send them up to his mum and dad but I don't want them anywhere near them! They're in their seventies and not able to cope more than they already do and apart from that each time the girls are up there they always come home scared of something else e.g. they used to love dogs now when one barks they freak out, and spiders were a source of entertainment because they loved incy-wincy spider but now they're so scared of them they barely sing that song anymore (mother-in-law is scared of these things and I've heard her tell them that they're scared of them too, she doesn't even realise she's doing it and yes we've said to her to stop it she hasn't).

Fingers crossed for a better start to the new week than how the old one ended, and if I can't have a better start can I at least have a big bar of chocolate, a thing of squirty cream, proper home-made rice pudding and a couple packets of mango chunks from Tesco?

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