Wednesday, 28 March 2012


I don't want to be thirty-something, I like being twenty-something.

I don't want to turn 30 this year, simple as that.

I'm not going willingly, there will be moaning, wailing, gnashing of teeth and plenty of alcohol to ease my reluctant passage into my thirties.


...leave me alone!!

I can't seem to avoid them at the moment but just for one day I'd like to be headache free. One day isn't too much to ask, is it?

9 times out of 10 my headaches are caused by my blood pressure going up and there's not much I can do about that, I haven't been on the 300mg Irbesartan long enough to see if it's doing any good yet so I can't really go back to the Nurse Practitioner until she calls for me, but at least I know why I'm getting the headaches which is much better than sitting wondering what on earth is wrong with me.

Maybe it's just a settling in period I'm going through as up until recently I was only taking 150mg and because it wasn't doing much good the dosage was doubled and that's bound to knock me about for a wee while until my body is used to the increase. Fingers crossed that's the reason for the headaches because I don't want to have to change tablets or get the dosage increased, again.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Top 5 Beauty Products

Thanks to Kate Takes 5 as always for the great idea!

1. Vaseline Lip Therapy Original 
I carry a pot of this everywhere I go, it helps keep my lips smooth and kissable and having soft lips definitely is a confidence booster. It's also handy for when we're out and about and our girlies ezcema is looking particularly sore, just a little dabbed on helps ease it until we get home.

2. No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream for Dry/Very Dry Skin
I discovered this a couple of weeks ago and I'm loving it!
As my girls are getting older I'm getting less time to put any make up on, especially when it's just us three in the house so this has definitely been a God send. I specially love that it comes in three different skin ranges so I'm able to pick which one suits me most.

3. St Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub
The best facial exfoliator I know of, my Mummy told me about it and I'll be passing it onto our daughters when they're old enough also.

4. Max Factor Masterpiece MAX Mascara
My eyelashes are quite dark and long anyway but I love having dramatic eyelashes because I've been complimented on my eyes since I was no age and as I sometimes don't like my smile my eyes need to speak for me and draw any attention away from my mouth.

5. Sudocrem
I know this is the 'in' product for celebrities but we've been using this for years, not only is it good for nappy rashes but it's definitely a panacea for all ills, or skin complaints in this case, everything from dry skin to spots, it's there!


Opened the living room curtains and there it was sitting on the window outside (excuse the dirty window, the girlies decided they needed a new canvas for their art work and the crayon isn't coming off all that well!)

wasp on our living room window

Can't open this window now incase it flies in, spiders don't bother me but wasps scare the bejesus out of me!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

I need Alan Titchmarsh...

Our garden is a dreadful sight I'm ashamed to admit.

When this house was built it was used as the show house and the garden had a water feature, a couple of trees and some lovely bushes all placed to advantage, then someone moved in and it was barely looked at again other than to get the grass cut. When we moved in almost 2 years ago we didn't know there was a water feature because the weeds had grown over the protective sheeting that had been laid to discourage weeds and everything was so overgrown it was a complete mess.

Last year we tried to tidy it up and we succeeded a little bit, mostly by cutting everything back, cutting down a few of the trees because they were getting a little dangerous and by discovering the abandoned water feature (not sure how they worked it because there's no outside tap or water connection to be found anywhere) and other than a few planted pots and hanging baskets etc nothing else was done.

This year however, with our girls now being 2 and loving the outdoors, it is imperative we provide a safe and secure garden for them to play in and it's a little beyond me how on earth I'm going to manage it!

Must take pics and let you all see what I have to work with and fingers crossed my Alan Titchmarsh (aka my Mummy) will help me work miracles.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Words I hate to type

I work in the construction industry and do a lot of typing for tenders, applications, various letters here and there plus I have to design a lot of spreadsheets for in-house use and I love typing all of this stuff because I know I'm good at it and I'm the person everyone in the office will come to when they need something typed, there's a couple of guys in here who'll deliberately wait for me to be in work before they'll get their typing done and that secretly pleases me, they would rather I did their typing and not one of the other girls, I'm all chuffed about that.

Despite my obvious pleasure there are a few words I absolutely hate typing and at the mo I'm having to type them over and over again as a type out some terms and conditions for my MD and I just have to let it all out before I start shouting at the pages in front of me!


I don't know why but I just hate having to type those words, my fingers are starting to trip over themselves after typing these silly words over and over again.

Just a shame that these words are the words I must type most often working in the industry that I do, there's just nothing I can do to avoid it.

Being a tea lady

On Tuesday night I get to be one of the tea ladies along with my Sister and Cousin to help my wee Brother and my Uncle out at their installation. Election results are being announced to the Lodge in front of the higher ranking Brothers and being the dutiful females of the family we must oblige them with tea, sandwiches and buns after the meeting draws to a close with a final prayer.

All of a sudden I'm feeling very grown up. The last time I did this I helped my Granny and Mummy helped as well but this time I'll kinda be in charge and I'm part excited part terrified, especially as I don't know how to work the huge water boiler/urn thingy they have in the hall that's ancient!

I've been rummaging through the back of my head trying to think of what tray bake recipes I have. Most of the men present will be men my Grandfather's age, God bless his soul, so they'll appreciate something home-made rather than shop bought and I love to bake but there are so many brilliant recipes I just can't decide on what to make for them.

Must remember to take plenty of sandwich bags with me in case anyone wants to take whatever is left home with them because the wives etc. of the Lodge members will hopefully be providing stuff as well.

5 Reasons I Know I'm a .........

Mother of Twins

Thanks to Kate Takes 5 for this week's suggestion.

My handbag now resembles a small suitcase when I'm not taking the changing bag out with us, it must be big enough to fit a day's worth of nappies, baby wipes, at least two cuddly toys, and goodness knows how many stickers and note pads to keep the girls entertained.

I can make tea whilst carrying both of my girls, okay well not so much now that they're two, but I was able to make a full meal, complete with a mug of tea each when our girls were smaller without needing to put them down in their bouncers.

I have to drive a Vectra just to fit their pram into the car. I had to give up my beloved Corsa when our girls were a couple of months old because their pram was just far too big to fit into the car.

People give me more pitying looks than they would a Mummy of a single child. The oh dear how on earth do you cope conversation is heard at least once a day when we're out and about and the amount of silly questions I get asked is beyond the joke, but I've learnt to smile, nod and agree and then walk away before they hear me laughing at them.

I have 5 scars to prove it! Not only do I have a caesarean scar to show for carrying around my bundles of joy I also have 4 scars from needing to have my gall bladder out, according to the surgeon carrying twins gave me gall stones because of the build up of calcium floating around my body and I ended up having to have it removed as the stones just wouldn't stop getting stuck. Funny how no-one warned me about this during my pregnancy but after it they all talked about it like I should've been aware it was a possibility. 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

1 flu, 2 colds and a sore throat

That about sums up my week.

Hubbie is down with a flu-like illness, our twins have a bad cold each, and I'm fighting a sore throat and hoping it won't turn into anything worse as we can't afford for me to get sick with Hubbie starting his new job on Monday.

It's been nothing but colds, chest infections and sniffles in our house since Christmas and I'm looking forward to the day when we all wake up and there's not a runny nose in sight, green is fast becoming a colour I hate.

Fingers crossed it's something that by the weekend it'll be easing up and all three of my monsters will be up and running again by next week.