Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Words I hate to type

I work in the construction industry and do a lot of typing for tenders, applications, various letters here and there plus I have to design a lot of spreadsheets for in-house use and I love typing all of this stuff because I know I'm good at it and I'm the person everyone in the office will come to when they need something typed, there's a couple of guys in here who'll deliberately wait for me to be in work before they'll get their typing done and that secretly pleases me, they would rather I did their typing and not one of the other girls, I'm all chuffed about that.

Despite my obvious pleasure there are a few words I absolutely hate typing and at the mo I'm having to type them over and over again as a type out some terms and conditions for my MD and I just have to let it all out before I start shouting at the pages in front of me!


I don't know why but I just hate having to type those words, my fingers are starting to trip over themselves after typing these silly words over and over again.

Just a shame that these words are the words I must type most often working in the industry that I do, there's just nothing I can do to avoid it.

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