Wednesday, 21 March 2012

5 Reasons I Know I'm a .........

Mother of Twins

Thanks to Kate Takes 5 for this week's suggestion.

My handbag now resembles a small suitcase when I'm not taking the changing bag out with us, it must be big enough to fit a day's worth of nappies, baby wipes, at least two cuddly toys, and goodness knows how many stickers and note pads to keep the girls entertained.

I can make tea whilst carrying both of my girls, okay well not so much now that they're two, but I was able to make a full meal, complete with a mug of tea each when our girls were smaller without needing to put them down in their bouncers.

I have to drive a Vectra just to fit their pram into the car. I had to give up my beloved Corsa when our girls were a couple of months old because their pram was just far too big to fit into the car.

People give me more pitying looks than they would a Mummy of a single child. The oh dear how on earth do you cope conversation is heard at least once a day when we're out and about and the amount of silly questions I get asked is beyond the joke, but I've learnt to smile, nod and agree and then walk away before they hear me laughing at them.

I have 5 scars to prove it! Not only do I have a caesarean scar to show for carrying around my bundles of joy I also have 4 scars from needing to have my gall bladder out, according to the surgeon carrying twins gave me gall stones because of the build up of calcium floating around my body and I ended up having to have it removed as the stones just wouldn't stop getting stuck. Funny how no-one warned me about this during my pregnancy but after it they all talked about it like I should've been aware it was a possibility. 

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