Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Being a tea lady

On Tuesday night I get to be one of the tea ladies along with my Sister and Cousin to help my wee Brother and my Uncle out at their installation. Election results are being announced to the Lodge in front of the higher ranking Brothers and being the dutiful females of the family we must oblige them with tea, sandwiches and buns after the meeting draws to a close with a final prayer.

All of a sudden I'm feeling very grown up. The last time I did this I helped my Granny and Mummy helped as well but this time I'll kinda be in charge and I'm part excited part terrified, especially as I don't know how to work the huge water boiler/urn thingy they have in the hall that's ancient!

I've been rummaging through the back of my head trying to think of what tray bake recipes I have. Most of the men present will be men my Grandfather's age, God bless his soul, so they'll appreciate something home-made rather than shop bought and I love to bake but there are so many brilliant recipes I just can't decide on what to make for them.

Must remember to take plenty of sandwich bags with me in case anyone wants to take whatever is left home with them because the wives etc. of the Lodge members will hopefully be providing stuff as well.

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