Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The 'F' word

Our youngest swears because her Daddy swears. 

Oh dear.

We aren't sure how to tackle this other than to glue my husband's mouth shut when he's around our daughters to avoid anymore swear words being repeated.

Fingers crossed our elderly, Churchy relatives will believe she's talking about her cuddly, stuffed frog and not repeating the 'F' word she has heard.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I have a cold, let me be miserable!

Is there a unwritten rule somewhere that says when a Mummy has a cold she's not allowed to feel miserable like everyone else does when similarly afflicted?

Am I not allowed to look a little down in the dumps when our children are looking the other direction? Can I not grimace each time I cough and my throat feels like I'm scraping it with a wire brush without being told that someone else has a cold and sore throat that is much worse than mine?

Just let me be miserable! even for a little while.

I do not make a good patient, I don't like being told that I have to curl up and behave myself and let whatever it is do it's job and make me feel better, I do not like being tied down and have the really bad urge to get up and do stuff (like housework) when I'm not feeling well. Strange though that I have a housework phobia when I'm perfectly well :D

Vengeance shall be mine when my hubbie comes down with a cold, oh yes I'll get my own back then! 

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Oh nap time, how I love you

There's nothing worse than our twins both overly excited and knackered at the same time refusing to give in to the sleepiness.

When they finally go down for their nap it's bliss.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Surveys, product trials, scanners etc

I must admit I devote a lot of time to completing surveys, taking part in product trials, testing certain products in blind trials and scanning my shopping each time I buy something. I also use coupons and money off vouchers quite a bit too.

My husband calls me the crazy coupon lady and makes comments like I'll be on that Extreme Couponing programme very soon.

I'm not that bad, well I hope I'm not that bad!

Each day I log onto certain survey sites and complete whatever surveys are available, and I also answer a few screening questions to see whether I'm suitable for other surveys that they have, sometimes I'm suitable sometimes I'm not but I always get entered into a prize draw for my time regardless (haven't won one of those yet but maybe someday).

From one of the survey sites I had gathered enough points to redeem them for a £15 Amazon e-voucher and with this I bought my brother-in-law's Christmas present. From two other survey sites I had enough points to redeem them for £4 each which went straight into my paypal account and I used them against my sister's Christmas present.

From doing product trials and blind testing I had received Boots vouchers which went towards gift sets for my in-laws.

From scanning my shopping I had redeemed enough points to 1st get a £10 love to shop voucher which also was used in Boots and just recently I had redeemed my points to get a £10 New Look voucher which I should receive next week, just in time to buy myself something nice to wear on Christmas day.

If you search in the right places you can get coupons and vouchers for money off various items and if there's a new product out sometimes that voucher is to try the product for free, Facebook is brilliant for things like that. I've got a great wee stock pile of Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure for very little money because of coupons and as we've got twins we do an awful lot of washing so this has helped save us a lot of money in the long run.

I maybe a crazy coupon lady but we've saved a lot of money this Christmas and I intend to hopefully save a whole load more for next Christmas so we're able to splurge a little more on other areas.

Tomorrow I'll be playing the role of 'Bad Mummy'

My eldest daughter (Miss C) has to go to the Doctor tomorrow because she's got a lump on her finger that's looking suspiciously like a wart and it's starting to hurt, especially when she catches it on something so it's going to get looked at. Unfortunately if it is a wart like we suspect then she'll have to go round to the treatment room and that means I'll end up having to sit on her while one of the nurses sorts it out for her.

Oh dear. I'll be the bad guy for a while!

Having to put my daughter through this isn't something I particularly enjoy but unlike the rest of my family I can handle it at the time and don't get as upset and stressed as some of them do because I know if I get worked up then I'm not going to be any help to either of my daughters when they need me to stay calm and focussed to help them get through whatever it is they're going through at the time.

Oh the joys of being a Mummy.

After the appointment we'll go to Asda and pick up something nice for a treat then take it back up home where Granny B and Miss A are waiting for us so Granny can do the 'Bad Mummy, Good Granny' routine with Miss C.