Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tomorrow I'll be playing the role of 'Bad Mummy'

My eldest daughter (Miss C) has to go to the Doctor tomorrow because she's got a lump on her finger that's looking suspiciously like a wart and it's starting to hurt, especially when she catches it on something so it's going to get looked at. Unfortunately if it is a wart like we suspect then she'll have to go round to the treatment room and that means I'll end up having to sit on her while one of the nurses sorts it out for her.

Oh dear. I'll be the bad guy for a while!

Having to put my daughter through this isn't something I particularly enjoy but unlike the rest of my family I can handle it at the time and don't get as upset and stressed as some of them do because I know if I get worked up then I'm not going to be any help to either of my daughters when they need me to stay calm and focussed to help them get through whatever it is they're going through at the time.

Oh the joys of being a Mummy.

After the appointment we'll go to Asda and pick up something nice for a treat then take it back up home where Granny B and Miss A are waiting for us so Granny can do the 'Bad Mummy, Good Granny' routine with Miss C.

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