Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I have a cold, let me be miserable!

Is there a unwritten rule somewhere that says when a Mummy has a cold she's not allowed to feel miserable like everyone else does when similarly afflicted?

Am I not allowed to look a little down in the dumps when our children are looking the other direction? Can I not grimace each time I cough and my throat feels like I'm scraping it with a wire brush without being told that someone else has a cold and sore throat that is much worse than mine?

Just let me be miserable! even for a little while.

I do not make a good patient, I don't like being told that I have to curl up and behave myself and let whatever it is do it's job and make me feel better, I do not like being tied down and have the really bad urge to get up and do stuff (like housework) when I'm not feeling well. Strange though that I have a housework phobia when I'm perfectly well :D

Vengeance shall be mine when my hubbie comes down with a cold, oh yes I'll get my own back then! 

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