About Me

I'm a wife.....

I married my wonderful, adorable, sometimes irritating husband 28th September 2007

 People are still talking about our wedding party (mostly because my new husband, his three mates and my new Brother-in-law started doing a strip tease and then I got a lap dance from my bro-in-law and two of the mates infront of my family and it's all on video!! I didn't know where to put my hands!!).

I'm a Mummy....

1st March 2010 our identical twin daughters were born. 

Our pregnancy wasn't planned but completely welcomed and definitely not regretted even though I wasn't prepared to become a Mummy and spent almost the whole 9 days we spent in hospital bawling my eyes out because I was so overwhelmed and maybe I did suffer a little post-natal depression but no-one discussed it with me and of course I thought I was being weak if I brought it up and like so many others out there I just ignored it and coped the best I could.

Our girls are now busy, messy toddlers and we wouldn't change them one bit!

I'm Me.....

Sometimes I forget who I am. I'm that busy being a wife and mummy that me gets lost.

I'm trying to get 'me' back and I'm taking small steps to ensure that the same but brand new me features in my life a lot more than she has done the past couple of years.

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