Monday, 1 October 2012

I am a sheep....

I have proven myself weak and have buckled under peer pressure and have read Fifty Shades of Grey / Darker / Freed.

Part of me is horrified that I gave in so easily but part of me is secretly pleased with myself that I read it.

I know it's not a brilliant book, her writing will never win awards and at times I do want to slap both Ana and Christian (though I admit both of them might enjoy that a little too much) it was a fun read and something I definitely would talk about with others, even if it has been called 'Mummy Porn'.

I'm calling it my guilty pleasure and it's now amongst my list of books I know I can just read when I don't have time to get involved with what I'm reading and can use it to pass the time as it's not deep and it's not time consuming. 


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  2. Haha I admit I was the same. It wasn't even my kind of book, and after stripping all the dirty bits, it's just a princess Cinderella dream. I still ended up finishing the trilogy tho!