Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Titanic Belfast

We have been to Titanic Belfast and thoroughly enjoyed it (despite the fact I cannot stand hearing about the Titanic which is unfortunate considering I married a Titanic nut!).

We had gotten hubbie tickets for Titanic Belfast as part of his Christmas present and I thought that I was being clever and picking the last Saturday in March thinking that the initial rush would be over, of course I didn't read it right and ended up choosing the opening day, my goodness what a crush!

Hubbie enjoyed himself immensely and I enjoyed all the history surrounding Titanic, the era it was build in, the work involved, the people associated with the building and operation of the ship, just didn't like the bit about it sinking and especially didn't like reading about the body of a two year old boy being found - this definitely struck a chord with us as our twins are now two and it greatly upset us.

For the interactive ride there was a very long queue, it was having a few malfunctions not surprising considering it was the 1st day of the exhibition but we stood for well over an hour waiting on it. The staff, or crew as they were called, were as helpful as could be, offering to take us on to the next bit and maybe coming back to see the ride later if we wanted but we said we were ok to stand, and then a while later more crew came up and asked again if we wanted to skip it offering us 50% off vouchers on our next visit because of our delay if we did want to move on.

The gift shop was pricey, but then they always are in places like this, some lovely pieces of jewellery and Belleek had some gorgeous pieces that I would've loved to have brought home but 1. we couldn't afford them and 2. we don't have anywhere to put them so we just had to leave them be.

The one thing I'm sorely disappointed over is that we didn't get to see the staircase, it's not part of the exhibition so I understand why lots of people are up in arms that one of the guys from JLS got to see it and tweeted a pic of himself infront of the staircase:

So unfair and it makes me wonder why the staircase is part of the advertising if it's not open for public viewing. Just goes to show that the paying customer isn't that important, it's the hype that celebrities can bring is the real issue here. 

Maybe someday we'll all get to see the staircase because really that's the one thing I was most looking forward to.




  1. It looks amazing. Love the photos. I can't wait to bring our ones down to it.

    1. It's really interesting even if you aren't a Titanorak, definitely worth a visit.