Saturday, 28 April 2012

4 black bags full

Was feeling brave and I finally have cleared the comfy, slouchy clothes I've been wearing since I was pregnant and continued to wear right up until yesterday I'm ashamed to admit. They're all packed up and ready to be taken to a charity shop.

I have been a slummy mummy, not the yummy mummy I should be so clearing out all of those clothes is the 1st step to yumminess!

I'm trying to not snack as much unless it's the fruit and veg I give the girls and instead of turning to fizzy drinks I'm trying to drink tea (don't take sugar in my tea so I don't have to worry about cutting that out of my diet) and water which is quite easy to do because I tend to drink a lot of water during the day anyway, it's just when I'm out and about that I rely on fizzy drinks.

Exercise is a bit of an issue for me because I keep hurting my back/slash hip (I feel down the stairs about 4 years ago and hurt myself pretty badly and my body likes to remind me of it now and again) so I'm doing what I can including using the Wii Fit Plus and dancing about the house with our girls which is very easy to do because they love to have a bop about the place.

And with us going on hols on Monday to Haven Holiday Park, Craig Tara, then I'll also get a lot of walking done so my bum will appreciate all of my effort, I hope!!

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