Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Blog Envy

I read the instructions and advice (four times), I completed each step slowly and carefully, I swore a lot, threatened my laptop with everything from being doofed across the floor to allowing our toddlers at it, but still I cannot seem to add widgets etc to my blog. I cannot add anything personal to make it seem more mine than just a template already set up.

I have complete and utter blog envy, I torture myself looking at what everyone else has but cannot manage for myself.

I'm going to leave it for a while, maybe when I return to the design of my blog I'll be in a more positive frame of mind and more willing and able to attempt what has been so far the impossible and turn it into the possible and have the blog I'd like to have.

If that fails I'll just have to ask someone nicely, bribe them with home-made chocolate brownies or call in a favour and get them to do it for me. I'd rather do it myself though, the sense of accomplishment would be wonderful!

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