Monday, 23 April 2012

I'm married to an oul' fart

Hubbie turns 38 this Thursday the 26th and already he's complaining about how old he's getting.

He's been looking at all of his grey hairs (he's got loads, almost the same amount as his 74 year old Dad and it's really bugging him).

He's starting to talk about how old he's looking when he sees himself in the mirror.

My response to his moaning - I start giggling and call him an oul' fart.

Not the most supportive I grant you but I just cannot help it, if he stopped reminding me that I'm turning 30 this year then maybe I'll be a bit more sympathetic but until then all I can do is hide my giggles and make sure he has a brilliant birthday with the 3 gorgeous ladies in his life.

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