Sunday, 29 April 2012

Daunting task ahead....

I must entertain not only two toddlers on a four hour boat journey but also a husband with a short attention span.


At least I've got the girlies sorted, well at least I hope I've got them sorted with a colouring book each, a drawing pad each, some stickers and a whole load of crayons, but the hubbie is a different matter all together. He can't sit and read the way I love to, he can't go for a dander because all three of us would have to go with him incase he sees something that he must absolutely share with us, and I can't push him over the edge of the deck because knowing my luck we won't be allowed out.

I'll have plenty of snacks with me, we can get cups of tea and juice on the boat and as a last resort I've a secret stash of chocolate already in my bag just waiting on the first squeal of grumpiness to be heard (this more than likely will be from the hubbie and not the daughters).

I'm completely and utterly dreading the boat in the morning.

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