Saturday, 7 April 2012

Baking up a storm

Going to the in-laws for lunch tomorrow, which will turn into an all day thing once everyone arrives and though we're all having a proper lunch, teatime is a very casual affair with just bits and pieces put out and everyone helps themselves as and when they want to.

My Mummy-in-law already has a load of the party foods from Iceland for teatime and one of my Sis-in-laws will also be providing things like that whilst the other Sis-in-law always brings her pasta salad (it's very yummy) but I never get to bring anything, I always get told that they have everything they need and I don't have to worry myself.

My answer to this is to bake something so naughty and so tempting that they'll forget about everything that's already there and just want to eat what I've brought.

I'm bad, I know.

Usually I just get told to bring one of my cakes and I'm usually ok with that but lately I've been told not to bring anything, I'm starting to wonder if they're doing it on purpose just so I will make something naughty for them.

So on my baking agenda today we have, oat and raisin cookies, pavlova, meringues, chocolate brownies and maybe something else if time allows.

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