Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Two years to practise...

Hopefully that's enough time for me to overcome my nerves and play the piano at my niece's wedding, won't it?

I'm not so sure as I'm shaking just thinking about it right now and I haven't even started to think of what I'm going to play for her.

She asked me if I'd play as she walked down the aisle, and obviously I couldn't refuse (well I could, she's not my niece, she's my hubbie's niece) but I have a really hard time telling people no. I then heard myself offering to play the hymns for her and also to play before the service started and while she was signing the register with her new husband (all the while chanting in my head, shut up you stupid woman!!!!!).

Needless to say I went straight onto Amazon and ordered a couple of wedding music books and I'll be rummaging through my library of sheet music and books also to find the perfect pieces to play but I'm terrified!

Dum dum de dum.....

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