Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Date Night!

Hubbie has booked a table for us for tomorrow night at 7pm and despite the fact that I'll only be getting home from work round 6pm and will have less than 15 mins to get myself decent to go out again I'm really looking forward to it!

Can't remember just how long it's been since we've been out as husband and wife and not as Mummy and Daddy so it'll be a novel experience but I'm a little concerned over what's suitable conversation, so silly I know but I'm so used to having our toddlers with us that talking to an adult is a little difficult for me at times. Thankfully Hubbie feels the same way so we'll muddle through together I'm sure and if we end up giggling halfway through our starters then at least we're giggling and making a mess of it together and it's something we can enjoy together too.

Now what to wear...............

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