Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Little about me

My twin 8 month old daughters are my life, wherever I go they go with me mostly because during the day I don't have anyone to leave them with but I couldn't imagine going anywhere anymore without them. My maternity leave finishes next month and I'll be returning to work part-time, not through choice but because of the problems the building industry are experiencing right now which is the area I work in.

Though I'm not happy about my hours being cut especially after I've worked for the same person for 7 years I'm happy that my girls and me will still get to spend a whole lot of time together and that I will still have a major role in their developing years rather than letting a nursery worker, someone I don't know and someone who is just doing their job get to see how they will change and maybe hear their first proper words or their first proper steps.

I've been married for three years, sometimes it feels like forever and sometimes it feels like hardly anytime at all. My husband works every hour he can, as a result he doesn't get to spend all that much time with his daughters at night but it's something that must be done for a while yet because trying to keep twins fed and watered and clothed is quite expensive. He's the love of my life and if it wasn't for him doing the best he can we would have to rely a lot more on family which is something we try to avoid.

Our life isn't idyllic or easy-going but life rarely is and we cope with the many problems the best we can as we meet them.

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