Sunday, 10 June 2012

Holding a dessert and wii party instead of a typical hen party

My little sister is getting married in a couple of months time and instead of a typical hen party I've asked if she'd rather have a dessert and wii party because she doesn't really drink and she rarely goes out to a pub or club so a party full of her favourite things seemed to be a great idea.

I'm having trouble deciding what to make for this dessert party though, there are just so many options!!

Definitely there will be chocolate brownies (without blowing my own trumpet everyone loves them and they're the most popular thing I make), there will also be chocolate mousse because it just seems like such a party treat to have and without a doubt there will be pavlova, it's not a party in our family unless there's a pavlova!

Everything else I'm not so sure of though.

Quite possibly a lemon tart because it can't all be chocolate and I know she'll like it.

Found a recipe for buttermilk tart in a Hairy Biker's book which would be different.

Cupcakes, so everyone can take something home.

Chocolate chip cookies so if anyone wants they can have cookie and ice cream sandwiches.

Truffles maybe and was thinking that everyone could make their own and decorate them however they want.

After that I'm a little stuck for ideas and inspiration is lacking.

Who knew deciding on what desserts to make would be so difficult. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


  1. This sounds like a great idea!

  2. Hope everyone agrees and I don't get lots of complaints afterwards about what and how much everyone ate!